1940-1950 GM NOS Generator Field Coil Lot of 11 Pieces Chevy Buick Olds GMC 1947



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This is a Field Coil Lot of 11 Pieces
that fit(s) the following applications:

Circa 1940-1950 GM Vehicles

Lot consists of 5 Single Generator Field Coils,
5 Double Generator Field Coils, 1 Starter Field coil.

We are unable to identify these items, but
we know that they came from a GM
Dealership that closed about 1960.

We are unable to determine what year or model this fits.
NOTE: Item is NOS*, however, it exhibits signs of shelf wear, scratches, etc. (SEE PHOTOS)

Made in USA
Manufactured by Delco-Remy Div., Anderson Indiana

Condition is NOS*.
Item is Complete & Original.

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Weight 9.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 in